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Godino's Bakery and Coffee House

Godino's Bakery and Coffee House in Summerfield

The cakes in our case change daily - you never know what you'll find! 
A variety of Cupcakes, Desserts, Pastries and Gelato in our case daily.
If you don’t see what you like just ask, we can accommodate your taste!  
Cakes for ALL Occasions!

​​​​​​​​Chocolate Delight’s

Bailey’s  Crunch – A rich chocolate cake soaked with Bailey’s Irish Cream liqueur  and layered with caramel buttercream and pieces of Heath Bar candy and  covered with poured Ganache. 
Brownstone - Chocolate cake layered with fudge and southern caramel icing
*Chocolate All American  -  Layers of rich chocolate cake filled and iced with fudge. 
*Chocolate  Madness - The ultimate chocolate cake!  A rich chocolate cake layered  with fudge, chocolate mousse and chocolate truffle filling and covered  with a poured Ganache.
*Cookies and Cream - Dark chocolate cake  filled with sweet southern icing and crushed dark cream filled  cookies,with poured chocolate Ganache.
Chocolate Coconut –  Dark chocolate cake with coconut filing iced with fudge.  If you like mounds, you will love this cake.
Chocolate  Grand Mariner – Layers of dark chocolate cake, soaked with Grand  Mariner syrup, brushed with orange marmalade and filled with chocolate  truffle mix, finished with chocolate buttercream.
Chocolate Mousse – A rich chocolate cake filled with a thick layer of chocolate mousse and iced with whipped topping.
Chocolate  Orange Truffle – A rich dark chocolate cake layered with our dark  classic truffle mix and orange marmalade with poured Ganache.
Chocolate Silk – Light chocolate chiffon cake filled and iced with a chocolate buttercream.
Chocolate  Truffle – A rich dark chocolate cake layered with our dark classic  truffle mix, iced with vanilla buttercream and  poured Ganache. 
German Chocolate – Rich chocolate cake with gooey coconut pecan filling and iced with buttercream.  
Hazelnut Dream -  Rich chocolate cake filled with a Nutella buttercream and iced with poured ganache.
*Jersey Cow – A rich dark chocolate cake filled and iced with cream cheese icing.
*Marble Swirl – A swirl of chocolate and vanilla layered with whipped cream and fudge and iced with whipped cream
Midnight  Espresso – Rich Chocolate cake soaked with our homemade espresso simple  syrup layered and iced with chocolate fudge and espresso buttercream.
Mocha – Light chocolate chiffon soaked with our espresso simple syrup and filled and iced with Mocha Buttercream.
Mocha  Cappuccino – Dark chocolate cake soaked with espresso simple syrup,  filled with a layer of Mocha  Buttercream and a layer of chocolate  truffle, and iced with chocolate buttercream.  
*Peanut Butter Patty – Rich chocolate cake layered with Godino’s special peanut butter fudge filling and iced with fudge.
Raspberry Truffle – Dark chocolate cake layered with a raspberry truffle filling and covered with a poured Ganache.  
Turtle – Dark chocolate cake layered with fudge and pecans, iced with fudge and drizzled with caramel.   

Vanilla Delights

Almond Raspberry - Yellow cake filled with raspberry jam and almond cream, iced with vanilla buttercream.
*Caramel Cake – White chiffon layered and iced with our homemade Caramel Icing.  A Southern tradition.
Coconut Cream  - Yellow cake, filled with coconut cream then finished with vanilla buttercream and toasted coconut.
Old Fashioned – Yellow cake filled and Iced with Fudge.  A kid’s  favorite.

Latte – Yellow cake soaked with espresso syrup, filled with a  layer of mocha cream and a layer of chocolate truffle, iced with vanilla  buttercream.
*Lemon Cream – White Chiffon layered with lemon filling and vanilla buttercream then iced with vanilla buttercream.
Raspberry Cream – White Chiffon filled with raspberry jam and finished with vanilla buttercream. 
*Strawberry Cream – White chiffon layered with vanilla buttercream and fresh strawberries and iced with vanilla buttercream.
Strawberry  Amoretti – Layers of yellow cake filled with fresh strawberries,  strawberry jam, Amaretto liqueur syrup and vanilla cream, iced with  vanilla buttercream.
Thunder Cloud - White chiffon cakes filled and iced with vanilla buttercream and fudge topped with poured Ganache. 
Tootie Frootie – White chiffon cake with lemon and raspberry filling and iced with vanilla buttercream
White Silk - White chiffon cake filled and iced with vanilla buttercr

Specialty Cakes

Apple Spice  Cake - Cinnamon spice cake baked with fresh apples and pecans filled and  iced with our homemade cinnamon cream cheese.
*Carrot Cake - Filled with fresh carrots, raisins, pineapple, and pecans, filled and finished with cream cheese icing.
Hummingbird – A Cinnamon base cake laden with pecans, bananas, pineapple, and filled and iced with cream cheese.
*Italian Cream – Cream base cake laden with pecans and coconut and filled and iced with cream cheese.  
*Red Velvet - Traditional velvety red chocolate cake iced and filled with cream cheese icing.